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3 piece band

These guys  play soul, rock, blues, instrumentals and pop.

Their music ranges from the 60's to the current time and includes music super artists like Spandau Ballet, T. Rex, Joe Cocker, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Rhianna, Police,  REM, Huey Lewis, Moody Blues, The Searchers, Deep Purple and many more.

Tony Farmer from Shropshire UK and plays lead/rhythm guitar and vocals. Martin Fielding is from Essex, UK and plays bass and vocals and last, and final  member of the band is Ralfy Titze,  drummer and keyboard player  from Germany.

THE SHAMROCKERS Costa Blanca- reformed band

The Sham Rockers are a band based on the Costa Blanca who play a mixture of Rock n Pop and Irish music. They always produce a high energy performance to keep the party rocking and of course with a name like The ShamRockers, they have a great selection of Irish music (as much or as little as requested). 

Shamrockers,CostaBlanca,  Shamrockers,CostaBlanca,

Not only  Irish music is performed- if you like The Black Eyed Peas, Green Day, Coldplay or classics such as U2, Oasis, Van Morrison, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen- then all these great artists are included, and more!

GATECRASH band - Costa Blanca

A band that was  formed in 2012 with well known musicians here on the Costa Blanca.

Niamh the dynamic vocalist -formerly of the popular 'The Splashes' - is the main singer.

The other members of the band are Matthias, Jose, Torsten and another Jose- all amazing musicians.

They perform many old favourites- pop, rock, and ballads as well as up to date music.

Great for dancing at a party or wedding.


 Band Music in the Costa Blanca,  Band Music in the Costa Blanca,


 Band Music in the Costa Blanca,      Band Music in the Costa Blanca,      Band Music in the Costa Blanca,       Band Music in the Costa Blanca,       Band Music in the Costa Blanca,





The Stoned are a five piece band of experienced musicians specialising in the beat-club era of the Stones  - and a big accent on the most popular hits from the Jagger / Richard repertoire.


 Costa Blanca Bands for weddings,   Costa Blanca Bands for weddings,


Either  a 5 piece band or duo are available - depending on the requirements and budget of the venue or event.
The band has its own complete PA and lighting, Fender guitars and a Roland TD4 electronic drum kit- In other words, the bands' volume is controllable!


 Costa Blanca Bands for weddings,   Costa Blanca Bands for weddings,

With a two hour Stones programme plus an hour of pop hits spanning 30 years, an exciting and vibrant show is guaranteed.

BLACK GLITTER   Costa Blanca                                                                                            The music scene is all the richer here since Black Glitter was launched at the prestigious Steinways Jazz and Blue’s club in Denia . The band was reformed by Paul McCartney's former ‘Wings’ drummer Geoff Britton.  They took the Denia club by storm with their drive, music, passion and a professional attitude-  attributes you would expect from any musical combination headed up by the dedicated drummer.

Black Glitter Band in Spain,  Black Glitter Band in Spain,

Geoff has worked in the rock scene since the late 60’s when he featured with top bands such as East of Eden, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, and Rough Diamond.                                    The ultimate career booster with Paul McCartney’s Wings came in 1974 when made the drummer's seat his own, and recorded many successful albums with the great man himself-  including the world wide super hit, 'Venus and Mars.'

 Black Glitter Band in Spain,    Black Glitter Band in Spain,

Geoff was gigging around the UK for several months and came back in Spain which he loves.  He told everyone -  “One of the most exciting things about the group is that lead singer Kelly Lee is an incredibly strong vocalist which enables us to do the lady soul and blues repertoires to the max, making the scene just that bit different from the usual songs most bands cover.  "                                                                                                                             Kelly is perfectly relaxed performing great songs associated with Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston and all in the original keys which shows a great talent.”    The Black Glitter Band also incorporates two top Spanish musicians, Carlos Bou on lead guitar and Xema Reig on bass.

 Black Glitter Band in Spain,   Black Glitter Band in Spain,

Their play list includes many favourites such as  “Walking on Sunshine,” “Never Can Say Goodbye,” “Respect,” “Blame It On The Boogie,”  and   “It’s Raining Men”
                           They also perform Jazz Standards, Eva Cassidy, and pop and rock ballads in Spanish and English. A great band that will enhance any Party or Wedding - and you can be sure will have everyone up and dancing.

STRIKLAND- The Party Band  Costa Blanca

This 5 piece band is very popular in Spain ,especially for weddings &  parties- where they soon have everyone up and dancing of all ages!

Their music is full of favourites such as  "Lovetrain", Aint no stoppin' us now", "Play that funky Music", The Temptations, Wilson Pickett, all your popular oldies, and even more modern sounds like Mcfly, O'Jays and The Zutons.


   Strikland band Costa Blanca   Strikland band Costa Blanca   Strikland band Costa Blanca


  Strikland band Costa Blanca   Strikland band Costa Blanca   Strikland band Costa Blanca



HANGOVER TUESDAY  – Rock & Blues Band - Costa Blanca.

Hangover Tuesday is an exciting new classic rock and blues band formed in Jan 2012 -which features three experienced musicians. Kevin - Guitars and Vocals, Laurence - Bass Guitar, and Bob – Drums.   They play songs by Free, Cream, Wishbone Ash, Pink Floyd, The Alex Harvey Band, and other popular bands as well as their own compositions and songs by lesser known artists.

 Hangover Tuesday Band Spain,   Hangover Tuesday Band Spain,

Although this is a newly formed band, the guys are certainly not new to playing rock and blues. They were playing it in pro- or semi pro- bands from when they were in their teens. They all have a passion for the music and were part of the scene in the golden days of the late 60s/70s.

            Hangover Tuesday Band Spain,         Hangover Tuesday Band Spain,

The band are can play completely live music at large or small venues. They have an eclectic mix of songs, great lighting, and can keep you in the mood with music between sets-

So for any party, Bar or other event they can  provide a perfect evening of Rock & Blues.




 Chess- A Queen Tribute band,     Chess- A Queen Tribute band,       Chess- A Queen Tribute band,  


Based in Spain and a multinational band - these amazing musicians play  and sing the harmonies of the famous Band Queen.

The line up- 

SINGER - CHARLIE JOSS from Argentina,

DRUMMER - CHRIS from Belgium,




As well as Queen music, the band also can perform many other classic songs from -   Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd ,Tina Turner, U2, Amy Whinehouse and more recent artists such as Greenday, Muse, and The White Stripes.


 Chess- A Queen Tribute band,  Chess- A Queen Tribute band,  Chess- A Queen Tribute band,   Chess- A Queen Tribute band,  Chess- A Queen Tribute band,  Chess- A Queen Tribute band,


Gig Report 

WOW- What a party night! One of the best Queen Tribute Bands in the World performed at Le Cabaret for the last two nights. 4 brilliant musicians, with a fantastic singer & entertainer.

 Chess- Queen Tribute,   Chess- Queen Tribute,   Chess- Queen Tribute,   Chess- Queen Tribute,  Chess- Queen Tribute,  Chess- Queen Tribute,


The packed audience sang, clapped and danced to all their favourite Queen music -

Flash Gordon, Find Me Somebody To Love, Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions and so many more. The venue was vibrating with good sounds and excitement all night.


Chess- Queen Tribute, Chess- Queen Tribute,   Chess- Queen Tribute,  Chess- Queen Tribute,  Chess- Queen Tribute,  Chess- Queen Tribute,




As well as performing solo as a John Lennon look-a-like ( see Soloists page), Alan Swoffer has his own Beatles Tribute Band. Formed over 2 years ago in the Costa Blanca after so many requests, the guys have been touring all over Spain, Scotland, and other countries  


   Backbeat Beatles Band,Entertainers Costa Blanca,             Backbeat Beatles Band,Entertainers Costa Blanca,      Backbeat Beatles Band,Entertainers Costa Blanca,      Backbeat Beatles Band,Entertainers Costa Blanca,


You can book them for a full show of Beatles music which everyone loves ,  or if you want something different - after a good sing- along from all well known Beatles tracks- then the party begins! The band can play great rock music to get everyone up and dancing. Brilliant for any party, wedding or  special night.


Latest pics...


 Backbeat Beatles Band,Entertainers Costa Blanca,           Backbeat Beatles Band,Entertainers Costa Blanca, 


Gig report-

It doesn't matter what age you are- everyone knows at least some of the Beatles songs- and can enjoy their music.   Alan Swoffer - famous as a John Lennon impersonator - led his band to roars for more in this fully packed venue. 


Backbeat Beatles Band,Entertainers Costa Blanca,  Backbeat Beatles Band,Entertainers Costa Blanca,  Backbeat Beatles Band,Entertainers Costa Blanca,  Backbeat Beatles Band,Entertainers Costa Blanca,  Backbeat Beatles Band,Entertainers Costa Blanca,  Backbeat Beatles Band,Entertainers Costa Blanca,

The skilled musicians took us back over years and added old Beatles jokes and new ones. Before too long the audience were singing their hearts out, clapping and dancing. Everyone enjoyed the show, and many on the way out asked when the guys would be back. We hope its soon - as it was a great way to spend a Saturday night! Don't miss them next time..

ABBA ELITE  Costa Blanca


Voted the best Abba Tribute band in Europe. With many appearances up and down the coast here - every night is always full of fans.They are soon off to Ireland for a months tour.


  Abba Tribute,  Abba Tribute,

The Cast of Abba Elite take you on a magical journey through Abba’s finest years, recreating and performing all of those classic dancefloor hits such as Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen and their initial Eurovision triumph Waterloo.

With the huge success of “Mamma Mia ” the show and the movie, Abba Elite also feature key songs from this fabulous feelgood musical.


 Abba Elite Costa Blanca,   Abba Elite Costa Blanca,


   Abba Elite,Entertainers Costa Blanca,    Abba Elite,Entertainers Costa Blanca,     Abba Elite,Etertainers Costa Blanca,     Abba Elite,Etertainers Costa Blanca,     Abba Elite,Etertainers Costa Blanca,


The live musical arrangement, flawless 4 part harmonies, dynamic stage costumes and breathtaking choreography unite to make this show a huge success and is considered by audiences and venues as "one of the most entertaining and convincing live shows to be seen."


Abba Elite concert- gig report August

As always this band gave a very professional performance and sang all the Abba music we love to hear - to the delight of the audience.


 Abba Elite,Etertainers Costa Blanca, Abba Elite,Etertainers Costa Blanca, Abba Elite,Etertainers Costa Blanca, Abba Elite,Etertainers Costa Blanca, Abba Elite,Etertainers Costa Blanca, Abba Elite,Etertainers Costa Blanca,

It wasn't long before the packed crowd got on their feet and danced the night away.


Concert report June

ABBA ELITE starred in a sold out ticketed show at a popular music venue in the Costa Blanca

Fans of all ages gathered to hear the Abba band history and songs everyone knows and loves. The youngest fan of the night was Leah, aged 6, who was thrilled at being invited on stage.

 Abba Elite, Entertainers Costa Blanca,  Entertainers costa blanca,  Abba Elite, Entertainers Costa Blanca,  Abba Elite, Entertainers Costa Blanca,  Abba Elite, Entertainers Costa Blanca,  Abba Elite, Entertainers Costa Blanca,



Amazing guys who work so hard to entertain the audience.


Gig report

A real memory test for all those who were around in the 50's and 60's. The words came flooding back for many and they all joined in at the top of their voices and danced to 'oldies' such as Frankie Valle & the Four Seasons, Status Quo,and  Del Shannon.

The band  sang and danced to well known hits like 'Let's Twist Again', 'Under The Moon of Love', 'Heartbeat'  and  many more of those songs buried deep in your past that you hadn't heard for a long time, but loved. 



The energy and enthusiasm of these guys for nearly 3 hours was amazing, especially in the heat! There was even a great version of 'Nessum Dorme.'  It was a fun night out -with a brilliant performance  which ended with a well deserved standing ovation..

The guys will be back soon - watch out for them and don't miss the show!


The Jersey Boy Show, Le Cabaret - Benitachell

The show was the music of the 'Four Seasons' from the hit West End Musical- with extra songs from all eras to show the great talents of these four guys. The audience loved it and sang along and danced enthusiastically. 



The same guys also perform a hit "Showaddywaddy" Tribute show which was seen here last month. If they are here again-dont miss them - it's a great night out for all ages..

MP7 Band  Costa Blanca

MP7 are a  live band that play a fantastic array of party songs that will keep you entertained and hopefully dancing all day or night long. They play with great passion and energy which ensures the audience have a wonderful time no matter what the event. The band are based in the North of the Spanish Costa Blanca but also travel around as required. No international gigs have been booked yet but watch this space...

  MP7 Band, Entertainers Costa Blanca,   MP7 Band, Entertainers Costa Blanca,  MP7 Band, Entertainers Costa Blanca, MP7 Band, Entertainers Costa Blanca, MP7 Band, Entertainers Costa Blanca,

The band has three beautiful girls and two handsome guys who have been performing together since 2008. Debbie (bass guitar), Jude (lead & backing vocals), Mark (drums), Sherry (lead & backing vocals) and Steve (guitar & vocals).

     MP7 Band, Entertainers Costa Blanca,       MP7 Band, Entertainers Costa Blanca,

MP7 are available for private parties, corporate events, weddings and any occasion where you want to party. Whether you're 19 or 90, MP7 are here to entertain you with songs such as Jumping Jack Flash, Knocking On Heavens Door, Long Train Running,Mony Mony, Mustang Sally,All Day And All Of The Night, All Right Now & Bad Moon Rising. A great variety to please all.  

SPANISH RUMBA KINGS    Seville but will travel

Gypsy King Tribute music - DUO, Trio or quartet




   Spanish RUMBA KINGS,     Spanish RUMBA KINGS,






An authentic six-piece vintage jazz band based Spain which performs in restaurants, jazz clubs, town hall concerts and private functions.

As everyone knows, jazz originated in New Orleans, but it is now a worldwide music, and is played and developed very successfully in many countries.




The line up is -

Mike Summers - musical direction, trumpet & vocals  
Pat Clancy - piano, banjo & vocals 
Dick Crook  -clarinet, saxes & vocals
Michael Kasche -trombone
Rene Dossin or John Shenton - double bass (René sometimes plays sousaphone too)
Christian Gibaud - drums  


  Jazz Band Costa Blanca, Jazz Band Costa Blanca,


As a traditional jazz band, the Jubilee plays a lot of the early New Orleans & Chicago repertoire, including marches, blues and rags, but also plays some slightly later jazz too, including songs by George Gerschwin, Walter Donaldson, Fats Waller and Duke Ellington.




STONE PARK - 5 piece Band

( Based Leics UK but perform Internationally)

These guys have been together for several years -a totally live band- no backing tracks.

A high energy act with great vocals and music! See Kev - lead singer, Grey- lead guitar, Eddie- drummer, Jay- Bass guitar,  and Karl on keyboards.




They play a variety of songs by Kings of Leon, Lilly Allen, Snow Patrol, Kasabian, Fratelllis Chillis, Police, Killers,  Kooks, The Stereophonics, Oasis, Squeeze, Elvis Costello, The Specials and many other types.




Stone Park have performed at the opening of various sports events- including the special Olympics in 2009, and the Leicester Tigers  7th International Tournament,also at Festivals, on TV, and in top Hotels such the Marriott and Hilton.  A superb band to get up and dance to....



(based in the UK but perform Internationally)


From Birmingham, UK  - home of reggae giants UB40 -  Rats In The Kitchen are the world's number 1 UB40 Tribute Show. They are currently touring the UK, Ireland, Europe and have recently visited India.


The guys are a fully live eight piece band, formed in 1998, performing up to three hours of pulsating reggae hits now spanning more than 25 years! From early hits such as 'King', 'Food For Thought' and 'Red Red Wine' through to some of UB40's most recent work combined with some foot stomping 80's Ska.




Rats in the Kitchen provide a dazzling live show and a great nights entertainment for audiences of all ages.                      
Their client list includes both well known and prestigious names,  such as Stanley Casinos, Village Hotels, Birmingham City Council, The UB40 Fanfest plus Butlins and many other holiday park venues and corporate events. 

DIRTY WAFER -  based in London but perform Internationally

Dirty Wafer are five professional London session musicians who have performed for a number of very well known clients over the years- including BBC, Coca Cola, Pump Aid, Woburn Abbey, & the British Army - to name but a few. 


Some artists Dirty Wafer cover: -  Coldplay, Stereophonics, David Grey, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Snow Patrol, Jet, Keane, Razorlight, Kings of Leon, Keiser Chiefs, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, The Kinks, The Clash, Paul Weller, REM, The Police, Rod Stewart, U2

The guys play completely live which is the only way to get that excitement and that vibe! Dirty Wafer can also provide an acoustic which consists of the same setlist played on acoustic guitars and hotrods on drums, This is a great set is very popular with more intimate events with space issues.


There is also the option of music between sets. Dirty Wafer use a laptop computer containing a huge amount of popular songs. These songs are mixed as they would be using CD decks, and a band member will control the laptop in between live performances, make basic announcements, and take requests from guests.

They are the ultimate Rock & Indie cover band for your special wedding, party, event, venue and are renowned, not only for their passionate, accomplished performances, but also for their professionalism and ability to make your event a memorable one.

THE SUPERSHAKERS BAND  (based in UK but perform Internationally)

The Supershakers are a four piece band playing a mixture of Blues, Soul, Rock'n'Roll, Funk and Ska from the 60's to the present day. Ideal for Weddings, parties and Corporate events. We make sure your night goes off with a bang and that your guests are up, dancing and enjoying themselves!

Read more:

The Supershakers are a four piece band playing a mixture of Blues, Soul, Rock'n'Roll, Funk and Ska from the 60's to the present day. Ideal for Weddings, parties and Corporate events. We make sure your night goes off with a bang and that your guests are up, dancing and enjoying themselves!

Read more:

The Supershakers are a four piece band playing a mixture of Blues, Soul, Rock'n'Roll, Funk and Ska from the 60's to the present day. Ideal for Weddings, parties and Corporate events. We make sure your night goes off with a bang and that your guests are up, dancing and enjoying themselves!

Read more:

This 4 piece Band have played gigs all over the UK and in Paris, France for  private and corporate  clients including  Sky Media, Harrods and M&S. They have also performed at the 02 Arena.


     Supershakers Band,Entertainers Costa Blanca,      Supershakers Band,Entertainers Costa Blanca,      Supershakers Band,Entertainers Costa Blanca,       Supershakers Band,Entertainers Costa Blanca,   


Their music is a mixture of Soul, Blues, Rock n Roll, Funk & Ska- from 60's to the present.

They can also add a trumpet and sax player for a 6 piece band.

They have recorded for BBC TV & Radio, ITV & Channel 4 TV, and played with well known stars such as Cleo Laine, Beverley Knight, BBC Big Band, the Fratellis and Mumford & Sons.     Great to get everyone up and dancing for parties, weddings and any other event....


MARTIN BOULEVARDE BAND  (based in UK but peform Internationally )


These versatile musicians  have an extensive repertoire including funk, soul, pop, rock, jazz and electro-ambient grooves


           Band Martin Boulevard,Entertainers Costa Blanca,

Martin Boulevard is a party band that plays current hits and well loved classics from Sister Sledge to Lady Gaga, Chic to Pink.

They are available as a 4, 5, 6 or 7 piece group, depending on the booking.

The band is made up of accomplished musicians with credits including West End Theatre musicals, appearances on television and with acclaimed funk, soul, rock and jazz groups.


   Band Martin Boulevard,Entertainers Costa Blanca,          Band Martin Boulevard,Entertainers Costa Blanca,          Band Martin Boulevard,Entertainers Costa Blanca,         Band Martin Boulevard,Entertainers Costa Blanca,


They are an excellent choice for weddings, parties, and all types of events and provide their own state of the art sound and lighting system operated by an experienced engineer. They are able to play at low volume if necessary whilst still maintaining a full rich sound.

THE BOOTLEG BEE GEES based in UK but will travel

Based in the UK- David Wright, Owen McGee, and Marcus Hill are known as the best Bee Gees Tribute band in the business. They have performed on cruise ships, toured the UK & Ireland and  are regular visitors to Spain.



They always bring the house down with their superb rendition of the fantastic hits by the Bee Gees and brilliant disco tracks written by the original band.  Listen to those favourite 'Saturday Night Fever' tunes!

If you want to book them for your Venue, Wedding or party- they would love to come back to Spain soon!

Report of gig at Le Cabaret venue Feb 2010

It's always a great time at this popular venue - and despite the cold and rain, this night was no exception! Direct from the UK for one show only that was sold-out - 'The Bootleg BeeGees.'




David, Owen & Marcus gave us many of the original bands famous hits including their No 1 hit song-  'Massachusetts,' and  'How Deep Is Your Love' as well as many more favourites.

They followed later with the Bee Gees Disco sounds, with everyone up and dancing to 'Tragedy,'  ' Staying Alive'  and their other high energy tunes.

With great backing music and voices like the  Bee Gees, it was a terrific way to beat the Winter Blues and give you that 'feel good factor.'

CAPOTANGO - An Argentinian Trio from Buenos Aires


The music of the Argentinian tango, both traditional and modern but, due to the different influences of the group members, the trio also plays Jazz, Bossa Nova, Argentinian folk, Soul and more  - always with a touch of Buenos Aires.
With the variety of shows that they offer, CAPOTANGO is able to entertain various audiences such as  theatres, restaurants, bars or other kinds of events.



All three band members also dance the tango and can join the audiences after the shows.   

Pablo Greco is an international renowned musician, he plays and has recorded with masters like Stamponi, Dino Saluzzi and Beba Pugliese.

Pablo Lasarte plays guitar and is disciple of renowned masters as Anibal Arias and Juan Falu.
Gustavo Lorenzo is an Argentinian singer and percussionist.

All are well known and have appeared in TV shows and concerts all over the World. This year they were booked in Brussells, London, Prague & Lisbon and would love to perform in Spain f f anyone is interested.



MILAN - The World's First Opera Girl Band

Classical & Pop Blend -  International


Milan are three beautiful and talented soprano singers-  Anna Vaupel, Laura Pomeroy and Natalie Hunter who were brought together in 2008 by producer Malcolm Middleton. They blend classical melodies with modern dance rhythms.

With their girl band image and dance choreography - a vibrant new style has been created that has been exciting wider audiences all over the world including places like Cyprus, Spain, Italy and the Caribbean.



Anna was born in the USA and moved to Denmark at the age of seven. In 2002 she studied with the British vocal coach Ian Adam in London and simultaneously began her BA in Drama and Theatre Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London-graduating with honours in 2005. Anna then had two years performing the part of ‘Frida’ in the show Abbamania all over Europe  before being invited to join Milan. As well as being an accomplished pianist Anna can speak seven languages.

Laura is from Cornwall, England and at the age of 8 made her professional debut in ‘Scrooge The Musical’ starring alongside Anthony Newley. Laura won a place with The National Youth Theatre at the age of 16 and then was awarded a full scholarship at the Guildford School of Acting which she completed in 2006, graduating with a BA Hons. Her roles have included Jenny Diver in 'The Threepenny Opera' (Touring UK), and Ensemble in Ray Cooney's 'Time's Up' (Yvonne Arnaud Theatre). Recently, Laura was working in television as a presenter before joining Milan.



Natalie is  from England and at the age of 11 she attended the Michael De Costa Academy of Music in York. During her teenage years Natalie performed musical theatre which included a part in Kes (Theatre Royal York). Her personal highlights include touring Paris with the Yamaha Youth Band and performing solo on BBC’s ‘Children In Need’ and again in front of thousands at Featherstone Rugby Club. Before joining Milan Natalie was performing her one-woman show throughout the North East of England and walking the catwalks as a fashion model.

THE SPIRIT OF PINK FLOYD based in UK but perform Internationally

This new show brings together seven former members of 'Off The Wall' and a former member of 'Think Floyd' to create the most exciting & innovative Pink Floyd Band in the World.



With a stunning light show, videos and special effects they  have created an experience to satisfy Pink Floyd fans and music lovers of all ages.



 Based in the UK  they have already toured extensively and have done gigs in Germany, Japan, Scandinavia, Russia, and Holland. More work in Rumania, Germany and the UK follows.






ZODIAC - Costa Blanca

Two of our favourite guys here.. Keith & Gary- who always make you smile and feel good. Zodiac’s music ranges from 50’s to up-to-date, so they can cater for most styles of music,  e.g. disco, country, ballads, show songs, Spanish, rock ‘n’ roll, comedy songs etc…..

They can also provide a Disco / Karaoke section if required, having around 50,000 songs with projector and screen.


 Duo Zodiac Costa Blanca,   Duo Zodiac Costa Blanca,

Zodiac are entertainers and love to involve the audience, Keith is the joker of the 2 with own style of dancing and funny routines and Gary is the more serious one !                       They teach linedancing and a couple of fun Spanish dances which are simple and easy to learn. Together they make a blend of entertainment that the audience enjoy.

So if you get chance to see these popular party people- you won’t be disappointed!    Invite them to perform at your Wedding, Birthday bash or any other event where you want fun and dancing.

 Duo Zodiac Costa Blanca,    Duo Zodiac Costa Blanca,

TIMEWARP - Costa Blanca

Husband and wife duo Justin James and Jaime Lee are better known as Benidorm’s Number 1 male & female duo  TIMEWARP.    Both Jaime and Justin have a true talent for singing whether performing haunting ballads, powerful rock anthems or pop classics. As great entertainers they deliver every time.


        Entertainers,Costa Blanca,         Entertainers,Costa Blanca,

Originally from Gloucester, England, they have been performing professionally together for the past 15 years and have been living on the Costa Blanca for 5 years where they quickly established themselves as a Benidorm favourite.

All  TIMEWARP shows are known for their feel good and upbeat music for all generations to enjoy, where the audience is invited to sit back, relax and sing along or get up and dance the night away.   Before arriving in Spain they have performed all over the South West of England from theatre productions such as Sweeney Todd, Grease and West side story to Haven holiday parks, hotels  clubs and pubs. With a successful summer season in IBIZA in 2003.

      Entertainers,Costa Blanca,      Timewarp Duo,

With full P.A and lighting systems, no matter what show you choose you are guaranteed a fantastic night of entertainment.

ONE SPIRIT  - Costa Blanca


This experienced duo comprises of Kirsty on piano and vocals, and Des on acoustic guitar and vocals.

They offer two types of music - although you can have both in one evening..


Firstly they offer gentle sounds-  featuring songs from The Beatles, Van Morrison, Burt Bacharach, Elton John, Billy Joel etc., and the emphasis is on beautiful melodies and music to create the perfect atmosphere.

This is perfect for easy listening music suitable for cocktail receptions, music whilst dining at Restaurants or Weddings, and at any time for a private function or public venue.


Secondly- to pick up the tempo when people are ready for dancing -  they feature a selection of pop and rock n’ roll favourites.


Also Celtic music with Kirsty on accordion and Des on guitar and mandolin creating jigs and reels, and plenty of 'craic' to keep the party going into the small hours.



CHILL FACTOR  -Costa Blanca

Chill Factor are Pam and John Pearson, a highly professional musical duo with a difference. Their repertoire focuses on classic pop/rock songs performed in their own style. Their acoustic set combines the unique sound of John's 10 string acoustic guitar with Pam's edgy and soulful vocals giving their performance flair and originality and their electric set is....electric!                                                                                                                                       Their professional writing and recording career began in the early 90's when they spent 3 years working in RAK studios, London with the legendary Mickie Most producing their songs.


Although increasingly popular as a duo they are also involved in other projects.Chill Factor are available for gigs, parties and private functions where they also provide ambient lighting and additional music appropriate to the venue.

DOUBLE IMPACT  - Costa Blanca

Ian & Gill are two of the most experienced musicians on the Coast. Both have spent years working in the music Industry and performing in many Countries.



Their repertoire is vast- with hits from all decades right up to modern times. They are perfect for Dinner Dances, Hotels or Restaurants- and can adapt to background music as well as party time!

Ian is also a top class Organist- and his love of church music and pipe organs ensures he is an ideal choice for weddings. Jill has a powerful voice as a soprano/mezzo singer too. 

They  also toured Summer 09 with 'THE NEW SEEKERS.'

PETER DAY & FIONA McLEAN- Musical Tributes Costa Blanca

Fiona has been singing for many years with an incredibly versatile voice, with her first solo at the age of 6!  She has toured with bands in the UK & Ireland, and performed solo internationally.

She specialises in music from the 50s & 60s with well known songs by Connie Francis, Cliff Richard, Buddy Holly, Patsy Kline, Tammy Wynette, and many more.



Peter has performed all over the World- including Hawaii- and incorporates into his show many music greats by Billy Fury, Ricky Valance, Rick Nelson, Buddy Holly, Eden Kane and other well known past hits.

He began his Elvis sound-a-like 10 years ago and appears in costume 'La Vegas' style.

Fiona & Peter can be booked individually for 50s to 70s nights, Country & Western  nights, or an Elvis Tribute - or they are both available for a full cabaret show, including all types of music mentioned above, for a superb nights entertainment.

Elvis is also taking bookings for  weddings and blessings.

DUOS other areas of Spain


SPANISH DUO   - Seville but will travel



Two of the fantasic musicians from the Spanish Rumba Kings band -as above- perform as a Duo -with many of your favourite Gypsy King songs and others.

LUZ DE LA LUNA DUO - Marbella but travel Internationally.

Harp, vocals, Guitar


Nelson & Marisol play mainly Latin music from the heart of Paraguy. They also include International songs in Italian, French, Portuguese, English, Greek.

Nelson is classically trained in the guitar and played the harp at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for some time.

He toured all over the USA, and then to Spain, Syria, Italy, Turley, Scandinavia & Japan in the 'Los Paraguayos Band' 



Nelson teamed up with Marisol and together they have worked in Mauritius, Dubai, Germany, the Middle East & Russsia. They now live in Marbella and continue touring.

Marisol is vocally trained and an experienced theatre & TV actor & Presentor. She has also been a member of various well know groups that have toured all over the World.

OBSESSION  - Duo- Almeria- but will travel

Chris & Ray have 16 years worldwide experience including cruise ships, 5* hotels in the Middle/Far East and Europe etc (including 6 months at Puente Romano hotel in Marbella).



Chris began as a child learning guitar and oboe and was a member of youth wind bands. Her interest changed in the eighties where punk music influenced her musically and  she took up the saxophone.
She has worked in many bands including a 7 piece reggae band, and bands supporting sixties stars including Billy J Kramer. 

Ray is an accomplished bass /guitarist/vocalist, and has worked with top bands such as Culture Club, Paul Young, Jet Harris and Mungo Jerry.. He has spent several years working on the QE2, Caribbean Cruise Line, and P & O, with the Joe Loss Band and the Angie Page Trio.   In the seventies, Ray joined 5 piece vocal band "MAGIC" who went on to become one of the top QUEEN tribute bands in the UK, and are still performing to packed theatres worldwide today!


He enjoyed personal record success in 1983 when his band UK Players reached the top 40 with their hit "Love's gonna get you", produced by Cultures Clubs Steve Levine and his voice can be heard on radio stations and recording studios alike where he undertook voice-over work for many clients. He was also involved with some of the music for the classic eighties children's TV programme "Wizbit" with Paul Daniels, and his cameo television roles included "Howard's' Way", "Campion" and "Dr Who and the Daleks"  Not forgetting his film appearance with David Essex in "That'll be the Day"!

Obsession aim to provide entertainment for all musical tastes and with a repertoire exceeding 500 songs they can easily read a crowd and adapt their musical choice accordingly.



Ed & Baz  have performed in various areas of Spain for the last 5 years, but have now relocated to the UK.

Ed started his career in music when he joined the "Bullet Blues Band" -touring the UK with well known 60's groups such as 'The Yardbirds.'  In 1996 he joined the very popular "Blues Brothers Tribute Show" which toured over the UK & Europe.



Baz started singing in various bands  at the age of 18. In 1990 he formed the rock group 'Lizard' which was successful and later was in 'AM 5' - a band that supported the likes of Paul Weller. He has toured the UK, Germany and Holland before moving to Spain, and can also do a solo act of rock, reggae and soul music.

Their show together is fun for all the family - great audience interaction and fab music!  


24th April- Yankee Blues Brothers Show Report

Yet another superb party night at this great venue! Why sit at home and watch the gloom and doom news on the TV when you can be here and smile?! The guys, as always, gave their all to make it a fun night out and no one was left out- even the Bar staff



Their music had something for everyone- from your favourite Blues Bros tunes, Motown, Country, Disco,  to Rock n Roll. A delighted audience soon joined in and danced till the early hours!                           


    Javea Organisers have many years of experience of entertainers, weddings, events, catering and services in the Costa Blanca.  We cover a large area for weddings and other services including  Javea,   Moraira,   Benitachell, Calpe,   Benissa,   Oliva, Orba, Pego, Pedreguer,  Denia,   Gandia,  Altea,  Albir, Valencia, Alicante,   Villajoyosa, Santa  Pola,  Valencia, and inland in this region


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